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Shiloh Shepherd™ Friends
This is the official public forum for discussing the Shiloh Shepherd™ breed (still under development) as it continues forward in its quest for full recognition. Tina Barber, the breed founder, is here on a regular basis to answer questions and provide all of us with her many decades of expertise. This list is also frequented by most of the ISSR Licensed Breeders, and SSDCA chapter leaders in order to keep you fully informed regarding any upcoming events, etc. We always try to maintain a very friendly, family oriented, social environment for all of our members to enjoy! Our topics range from private jokes, to very serious discussions regarding extremely educational subjects!!
STM is a dog training method developed by Tina Barber (MaShiloh) based on many decades of training GSD's and Shiloh Shepherds as well as other herding and working breeds. It provides new owners with a unique concept that helps them to better understand their K9, so that they can build a stronger relationship. We also have many other trainers here providing list members with expert advice.
Shiloh Christian Corner
This community would certainly not be complete without a place where the Christian brethren could also meet to share their testimonies, and prayer requests with each other.  It is also a great place for us to discuss upcoming prophecy, as it is unfolding around us daily!!     Yet most of all, it is a place where anyone can come to ask questions that we would all love to answer, because that is what real "Christianity" is all about!  If you would like to know more about this forum, please take a few moments to visit our homepage and please take some time to also follow the many  links we have placed on our main (website).
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