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SSDCA Members
The SSDCA, Inc. is the National (Parent) Breed Club for the Original Shiloh Shepherd™. It was founded in 1991 to preserve, protect and promote the Shiloh Shepherd™.  We consist of a democratically run club, where members have always participated in electing "Board" representatives. If you would like to join our club, in order to help us continue our efforts of supporting this wonderful breed, please fill out a membership application.

This list is only open to members in good standing with the SSDCA, where they can enjoy a continuous forum for sharing & exchanging ideas about club activities;-). Our website is located at http://www.shilohshepherds.org
The Original Shiloh Shepherd™ (OSS) Academy (OSSA-1) has been established to help educate future Shiloh Shepherd™ breeders. All members have a registered kennel name and have applied to the ISSR for licensing. The LB requirements were designed by the breeders themselves, and have been highly praised by all new applicants since. In this forum they all get a chance to share information, and participate in various lessons (that do require the completion of homework assignments) presented by the Breed Founder. If you would like to know more about our fantastic academy, please take a look at more of the requirements for entering this program. ISSR Licensed Breeders Agreement Requirements
Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Academy (OSSA-2)
The Original Shiloh Shepherd™ (OSS) Academy (OSSA 2) has been established to promote our dedicated Shiloh Shepherd™ breeders into an advanced group. This forum contains all of the Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy (OSSA) archives since 2003 and members continue to have access to the original OSS Yahoo group started in 2000. All students who have signed the NDA, have participated in OSSA-1 for a minimum of one year, and have been approved by the breed founder can request admittance into this advanced LBIT/LB group. Those that do not meet the above requirements as well as all new LBIT's will remain in the new OSSA-1.
This forum was designed for the Licensed Breeders that have met all of their requirements, including at least 2 years of continuous previous participation in the OSS academy. Upon graduation, those that have excelled in their assignments are then promoted by the Breed Founder into this select group of future teachers. All VIB's are also involved with various SSDCA Committee's and/or ISSR sponsored programs designed to help promote the future welfare of these dogs, and educate the public regarding this breed.
Genetic Task Force
The members of the Genetic Task Force were appointed by the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. Their mission: to help protect the breed by helping to minimize health concerns by collecting and researching all pertinent data.
SSDCA Chapter Leaders
This is a private forum where all SSDCA Affiliated Chapter Leaders can discuss important club issues and future plans for local activities!! Each chapter has selected 3 official representatives sharing ideas on this group in order to enable the SSDCA, Inc to provide stronger local participation for our ENTIRE membership!
Shiloh Rescue Network
The (original) Shiloh Rescue Network was started in 2002 to insure that no ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherd (tm) is without a home. We have a network of volunteers to assist with transportation, fostering and finding forever homes for Shilohs in need. If you are interested in helping, please join us here! If you are looking to adopt an ISSR Shiloh Shepherd (tm), please visit our website to view the available dogs and fill out an application!
New Zion Shilohs
This forum has been established for the sole purpose of communication between New Zion Shilohs and its clients, as a source for sharing information and stories among (dog) relatives within our special Shiloh family. If you have purchased a puppy from us, and have any question regarding registration procedures, diets, upcoming litters, LER's, etc. etc. we would like to encourage you to ask them here, where others may also benefit from the answers we provide for you. We would also like to encourage all of our members to also join the SSDCA, Inc. and the other forums available within this community ;-)
European Shiloh Community Forum
Formerly the SSC forum established for Gaby to discuss the procedures required to join the SKG in order to gain entry into the FCI. It has been renamed for the benefit of our NEW European Community that has managed to find a better, honest, way for our dogs to gain FCI recognition, via the ISSR, Inc. All of our Licensed Breeders & former SSC members are welcome to discuss these changes, and our new path via this forum.
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